In order to expedite your administration process associated with massage therapy services, I have provided an electronic ‘Questionnaire Form‘.

I would appreciate it if you could complete this form online. The information will allow me to start planning your massage in advance.

    1. General Information
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    Date of Birth (DD MMM YYYY):
    Weeks Pregnant:
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    2. Primary Caregiver
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    3. Emergency Contact
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    4. Pregnancy History
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    Previous Labour/Birth Details:
    Postpartum recovery after last pregnancy & birth:
    Previous pregnancies - Any complications/discomforts and treatments received:
    Previous experience with pregnancy massage:
    Other practitioners / treatments currently receiving (Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Massage Therapy, Naturopathy, etc.):
    Prenatal Testing (GBS, Blood Glucose, Ultrasound, Amniocentesis, etc):
    Any medications/prenatal supplements currently taking?:

    5. Medical History
    Do you suffer from any of the following?:
    Heart/Blood circulation disorders     YesNo
    Spinal Disorders     YesNo
    Sciatica/Gluteal Pain     YesNo
    Hip Pain     YesNo
    Illness     YesNo
    Separation of Symphysis Pubis     YesNo
    Injuries     YesNo
    Separation of Abdominal Muscles     YesNo
    surgeries     YesNo
    Leg Cramps     YesNo
    Accidents     YesNo
    Carpal Tunnel     YesNo
    Osteoporosis/Arthritis     YesNo
    Nausea     YesNo
    Varicose Veins     YesNo
    High Blood Pressure     YesNo
    Allergies/Skin Problems     YesNo
    Oedema/Swelling     YesNo
    Diabetes     YesNo
    Pain/Numbness     YesNo
    Preterm Labour     YesNo
    Bladder Infection     YesNo
    Abdominal Cramping     YesNo
    Uterine Bleeding     YesNo
    Preeclampsia     YesNo
    Chronic Hypertension     YesNo
    2 or more consecutive miscarriages     YesNo
    Blood Clot or Thrombophlebitis     YesNo

    6. Previous Antenatal Check-Up Details
    Date of Checkup (DD MMM YYYY):
    Blood Pressure Reading:
    Foetal Movement:
    Any changes or concerns?:
    Any further comments?:

    7. Additional Information
    What do you do on a regular basis to stay healthy? (physically/mentally/emotionally):
    How has your pregnancy been so far? ::
    Primary reason for appointment and/or areas of discomfort or concern :
    Is there anything else you would like to share with me? :

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    Privacy Policy – I collect the information set out above in order to provide you with massage therapy services. I will keep your information secure and confidential.