Birth is not only about making babies...Birth is about making mothers...strong, competent, capable mothers, who trust themselves and know their inner strength. - Barbara Katz Rothman

~ Birth is a normal, natural, family event ~

I believe that women’s bodies and minds are powerful, resilient and entirely capable of working with labour’s demands… I know that with good preparation and support a woman can take on the challenges of childbirth and achieve a profoundly rewarding experience.

I am deeply committed to supporting women and their partners as they explore the choices available to them in pregnancy and birth; helping them to create positive and empowering experiences together throughout this time of enormous change and transformation, and to develop confidence in their new roles as they transition into parenthood.

I offer experienced, personalised birth support, and continuity of care throughout your entire pregnancy and postpartum experience.

I look forward to supporting you as you embark on this wonderful chapter in your lives!

“Steph had our backs at every turn and it helped so much being able to lean into her in moments of doubt, emotional upheaval and physical limits.  She also provided her support in a way that honoured how we wanted to navigate our journey so the entire way through it felt our own and that was incredibly empowering.”

Kirstan, 2017 & 2019

“Thank you Steph… for your care, wisdom and unwavering support.

You have a true gift for nurturing whatever a woman’s birth wishes are.  I felt completely seen and held by you.”

Paige Campbell, 2020

Call me to discuss your pregnancy, birth and parenting needs – 0412 619 174


    • Jemma Gibcus (2015)

      With Stephanie's support we were able to lose the anxieties that we had about this labour and approach it calmly - even look forward to it! ... and were lucky enough to have a great VBAC experience.

    • Anna O’Grady (2014)

      "Stephanie was such as wonderful support after the birth of our first child. After expressing milk for almost a month, I had almost giving up on the idea of breastfeeding, Stephanie showed great patience and care when helping me get my baby back on the breast. She was always just a text or phone call away when the wheels seemed to be falling off.

      I can't thank her enough for the support and encouragement she gave me through the ups and downs of those initial weeks of parenting. Stephanie certainly left me a more confident Mum!"

    • Louise Dyer (2008 & 2010)

      "If we decide to have a third, Stephanie, you are again expected in the birthing suite!"

    • Tammy Hales (2013)

      "Our family will never forget Steph... she will always have a special place in our hearts."

    • Laura Schwartz (2013)

      "I highly recommend Stephanie as a Doula. She is passionate, skilled and truly has a calling to help women in labour."

    • Aaron Holding (2013)

      "This whole birthing experience was just beautiful… my wife was able to have a drug free birth that we are extremely proud of..."

    • Leo Mullins (2006 & 2010)

      "Stephanie was an amazing person to have on our birth team - both times! I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

    • Anita King (2009 & 2013)

      "Stephanie was compassionate, encouraging, caring and untiring in her role as birth support person to Sean and myself, giving us confidence and strength that we didn’t know we had."

    • Madeleine Daniel (2008)

      "Employing Stephanie as our Doula was a very worthwhile investment from both partner perspectives, and I would highly recommend her as a Doula for any couple who aspire to having a very special, personalised natural birth."