About Stephanie

Melbourne Doula - Stephanie Norquay
I am a Melbourne based doula/birth attendant and infant massage practitioner, who has been working with women and their partners throughout pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting since 2005.

The birth of my first child in 2002 was a profoundly rewarding experience that ultimately led me to the wonderful work of birth support.

In 2004, I had the privilege of training with Rhea Dempsey – completing her birth attendant course helped form the solid foundations of my birth support work. During this period of training, I explored many of the issues surrounding birth and birthing women, deepening my understanding, expanding my knowledge base, consolidating my experiences and establishing a strong set of skills and resources.

Since then I have had a diverse range of experiences supporting women and their partners across a variety of circumstances and settings – in birth centres, hospitals, and at home.

I am also a certified Infant Massage Instructor with a passion for assisting early bonding between a mother and her baby and helping women feel confident and capable in their parenting.

I understand that each woman/couple have their own set of wishes, needs and concerns in relation to birth and I am deeply committed to exploring these, with sensitivity and respect throughout their pregnancy.

Melbourne Doula - Stephanie Norquay
I work collaboratively with women and their support people to find the options that feel best for them and access balanced information so they feel able to make clear, informed decisions.

I focus on assisting the birthing woman to gather the inner and outer resources necessary to feel strong, safe and supported throughout the labour while assisting her partner/support team to develop a clearer understanding of the birth process, and a variety of useful support strategies.

I believe that labour is an incredibly valuable experience – one that helps a woman to prepare for the role of motherhood and the demands of parenting. It is also a great opportunity for couples as it calls on them to work together in focused, loving and resourceful ways in preparation for the challenges and commitment required for the road ahead.

My aim is to ensure that women and their partners approach labour and parenting with a shared sense of confidence and energy, and therefore the best possible chance for achieving a positive and empowering experience.

I am both humbled and inspired by the women I get a chance to support and feel incredibly privileged each time I am present to witness the birth of a baby… a mother… and a family!