Back-up Doulas

I work alongside a group of experienced, skilled and passionate doulas who share the same core values and code of ethics as I do. My back-up doulas are able to confidently and sensitively step in to support you and your partner in the unlikely event that I am unable to attend your birth. Although this service is rarely needed, it provides that extra reassurance during the lead up to your birth.
Please see below for more information on my back-up team…

Bethany Meakin

Bethany has many years experience working in the home environment of new parents and growing families, both in Australia and abroad. She has built the confidence of many new mums with her ability to sit and listen whilst gently guiding women to trust their natural mothering instincts. She supports women in all birth setting and for all birth options.

More recently supporting women to VBAC. Bethany’s joy radiates as she shares her knowledge of birth hypnosis, deep relaxation and mindfulness with her birthing couples to achieve a more connected and positive birth experience.

‘I am thankful for my corporate background. The years of experience have put me in a great position to help drive Birthworks forward, and enabled me to travel much of the world with my husband of 12 years to some 30+ countries. However; birth, babies, and motherhood inspires me most, it simply fills me up. I feel deeply connected to birth and am excited by my recent discovery of reiki & meditation and hope to share this energy with women soon’.

Erika Munton

Erika Munton, owner of Birthready, is a birth consultant, group faciltator, doula, birth educator, hypnosis practitioner, NLPer and life coach. Erika is one of the most experienced doula’s working in Melbourne today, having attended near 300 births in Australia and the USA over the past 18 years.

Her inspiring positivity, boundless energy and wealth of knowledge help to guide people to achieve the births they want and transition smoothly into life as parents. She has worked with people from a diverse range of cultures, lifestyles, family dynamics and values.

She is passionate about increasing expectant parents confidence and ability for better birthing, deepening their connection to each other and helping people create positive changes in their personal, professional and parenting life.

Claire Wyborn

Claire Wyborn has been supporting women for over 10 years. She feels privileged to be alongside a woman as she enters her time to birth her babies. Claire believe’s that every woman deserves utmost respect and support during her pregnancy, labour, birth and post natal time.

Claire’s own experiences around birth have confirmed her beliefs that birth is a normal natural process that women are capable of going through, and that each and every birth is unique and amazing.

Pregnancy, labour and birth can be an overwhelming experience, her passion is to provide sound evidenced based information and care to the women she supports both emotionally and physically.

Claire also offers, birth hypnosis, massage & Postnatal services across Melbourne.